Permanent Lab

“After teaching for 8 years at the “Accademia Corrado Pani” and attending many seminaries all over Italy, I started to feel the necessity to build my very own first Permanent laboratory, not only because of the continuity of my work with several artists but for making my methodologic work more visible, empowered and well structured. I think that acting is like an “artisan craft”, where creativity, concentration can be trained constantly. I really felt the urgency to create an exciting environment where actors have the opportunity to train, experiment and express themselves in preparing for future roles,as with any serious and focused profession.”

Acting Lab Studio Prete

The main goal of the permanent laboratory “The true sense of being an actor” is to start to question oneself about the real meaning of being an artist. Each artist has a talent but that does not mean anything. The important thing is to understand what and how this talent can work for each individual, how an artist can use it, how an artist can canalize it and focalizeeach strength in order to succeed.

Having the chance to understand what it means to be a creative, free, highly disciplined and focused artist combined with the opportunity to realize how life is interacting, consequently indicates how important life for your art.

Actors must be learn how to break the schemes, learn how to be silent, how to listen, how to judge themselves without underestimating their skills and all the expressive capacities of each and every actor.


  • Relaxation –working with music
  • Improvisation
  • Essential bio-energetic exercises
  • Text analysis
  • Performing identification process
  • Working on film scenes
  • Preparing for auditions
  • Specific coaching


  • Questioning on the real meaning of being an artist
  • Understanding how to canalize your talent
  • Learning how to listen without prejudice
  • Making your creativity vulnerable
  • Refining the criticism and self-criticism ability
  • Giving positive and constructive feed-back
  • Staying focused while breaking through the barriers
Determination/Professionalism Focus on the goal with full responsibility, determination and sacrifice.
Sharing/Union Being involved and being generous in giving to other your emotions. Be empathic and cooperative
Energetic/Happy to work Giving the opportunity to your inner child of being happy and free to express