We will learn what it means to have a constant dialogue with our “creative self”, what it means to enter a scene without anxiety or negative preconceptions, without fear or judgment.

We will learn what it means to be inspired instead ofexpressing negative thoughts. We will learn to enjoy our art in full awareness in order to achieve great hights, without feeling limited and without boundries.

Seminar: the Process of Identification


This seminar aims to teach actors an effective technique that can transmit real awareness of what it means to identify with a character. Actors will not necessasrily notice the metamorphosis, that is, they will fall into the transformation as a resul of the natural process of the work, realising that their own lives and that of the character become one. The objective of this seminar is therefore not just to confuse the two lives, that is the character of the person with his own, but also to determine how to step out of character and recognize the work done. The seminar takes place in September. Limited numer of participants.

Seminar: the Camera filming the actor


During this intensive course,  we go deeper into the technical understanding of camera filming. It is fundamental that actors understand that camera movements and shots are not only in the interest of the director in making a film. The understanding and the sense of endless possibilities offering a multitude of variations must also exist in the actor’s creative process, working on the expressive formation of his character. The actor must be able to feel the need for a given position of the camera at any time whilst playing the part, just as theatrical actors feel that at a certain point, whilst acting, need to make a particularly broad gesture, moving towards the proscenium or climbing two steps of the stage construction. The actor must understand that it is precisely for these camera movements that the indispensable pathos that leads from informal naturalism to the work of art is created. We will come to understand how to make the camera our friend rather than our foes, as a key object that will make it possible to strengthen our expressiveness rather than limit it. We will then learn how to carry out these  two fundamental moments in a clear and concise manner:

  1. The possession and subordination of acting through the creativity of editing
  2. The absorption of the part and its transformation into an organic and unitary image.

At the end of the seminar, each participant will be able to see play backs of scenes acted out during the course. Limited number of participants.